A Unit That Isn't Climate Controlled — Clothing Storage Pointers


Use the following pointers to preserve the clothing that you will be placing in a storage unit that isn't climate controlled. The guidelines will keep clothing fresh and prevent permanent damage to fabric. Prepare Clothing Many storage facilities rent out storage units that aren't climate controlled. These units may incur high temperatures, moisture, and other atmospheric conditions that could cause fabric to mildew. Launder clothing before placing it in your storage unit.

4 August 2023

5 Subtle Signs That A Storage Facility Deters Crime


Unfortunately, no one can foresee and prevent all types of theft or vandalism of storage units. But a savvy renter can look for a few indicators that their facility is prepared to minimize the chances. Here are some subtle signs to look for.   1. The Staff Ask Questions You don't want to have any unsavory criminal elements as your unit's next door neighbor. This invites trouble on many levels. So when management is meeting with potential new customers, they should be engaging in some subtle questioning to try to weed out clients who put up red flags.

24 January 2023

Why Hiring Furniture Movers Is Beneficial


There are a number of benefits to hiring furniture moving services for your next move. Whether you have large pieces of furniture that are heavy, or you are concerned about damage, it is worth the investment to hire furniture movers. You won't have to deal with finding a truck large enough to move your furniture, and you won't get hurt trying to carry heavy objects that are difficult to manage. When you have relied on friends to help you move in the past, it's time to get the professional help you need from residential movers.

15 July 2022

4 Packing Tips to Make Your Move Less Stressful


Whether you're moving across the country or moving to a new neighborhood down the road, packing up a house can be a stressful process. After booking a moving company and knowing the exact date that movers will be at your home, you need to get prepared for your move. Use the following tips to make packing as stress-free as possible: Start Early It is not uncommon for homeowners to underestimate how long it actually takes to pack up a whole house.

31 October 2016

2 Reasons To Utilize A Commercial Moving Service


One of the most important services that you can utilize when you need to relocate your company is a commercial moving service, mostly because of the many benefits that it can provide. Listed below are two important reasons to use a commercial moving service when you are reloacting your company. Avoid Interruptions To Your Business The single most important reason to utilize a commercial moving service is that it can help you avoid interruptions to your business' operations.

3 October 2016

A Clothing & Gear Moving Guide For Fall Time


Every season of the year presents unique challenges when it comes to moving. Here is a guide on what types of clothing and gear you will need to comfortably move throughout the fall. Beginning of Fall The start of fall is full of days that often start off being a little brisk and feeling just a little nippy, but that tend to warm up by the later afternoon to temperatures that are reminiscent of summer.

28 September 2016

Should You Put Your College Items In Storage Over The Summer?


When the spring semester is over, it's common for students to head back home for the summer. Others end up with internships in other cities. In either case, it can be hard to figure out what to do with your things over the summer. Should you sell them and buy new things the next year, ship them back to your parents' house, or put them in storage? For many students, putting the things in storage is the best choice.

7 September 2016

3 Unusual Ways To Use A Self-Storage Unit


Most people use a self-storage unit as a place to store extra belongings either temporarily or permanently. But did you know there are other ways in which a self-storage unit can be used? Here are three unusual and inspiring ways to use a self-storage unit. 1. Turn It Into Your Mini Film Set Are you a blogger? Do you ever make videos to enrich your website content? If so, you know how challenging it is to set up the filming area every time you want to make a little video.

26 August 2016

Loading Up - A 5 Step Guide To Moving The Washer And Dryer


When moving, large appliances and bulky equipment can be some of the most challenging parts of the process. Your washer and dryer, for example, may seem fairly straightforward to move. But, in reality, they require some preparation and care when transporting and storing. Here is a handy 5 step guide to moving the washer and dryer to their new home. Rinse and Clean. After your last load in the old location, run a clean rinse through the washer to remove any detergent or debris.

25 August 2016

Choosing A Storage Facility For Your Aging Parents' Items


As you parents age, they may be wanting to downsize their belongings so they can keep their home organized more simply. If they are not ready to get rid of any of their collectibles, clothing, or other items that they hold dear, suggesting a storage unit facility to house their things for a while can be a great idea. When choosing a storage facility for your aging parents, make sure you pick a unit that they can find affordable, easily accessible, and safe.

23 August 2016