5 Subtle Signs That A Storage Facility Deters Crime


Unfortunately, no one can foresee and prevent all types of theft or vandalism of storage units. But a savvy renter can look for a few indicators that their facility is prepared to minimize the chances. Here are some subtle signs to look for.  

1. The Staff Ask Questions

You don't want to have any unsavory criminal elements as your unit's next door neighbor. This invites trouble on many levels. So when management is meeting with potential new customers, they should be engaging in some subtle questioning to try to weed out clients who put up red flags. Look at questions not as an intrusion but as a sign of careful landlords. 

2. Hours Are Limited

Convenience is important for modern day storage renters. But the longer that people have access to the facility in unusual hours, the more likely someone with bad intentions is to get inside. After all, most upstanding renters don't need to access their stuff at 2 a.m. If the gates are open 24 hours, there should be tight controls for access in the dead of night. 

3. It's Well Kept

How tidy or unkempt is the facility itself? Drive or walk around the site — inside and out — strictly to observe how it's kept up. Failure to keep up the facility and fix problems not only attract lower-level criminal activity but also indicate lax management. Look for graffiti, broken locks, overgrown weeds, trash, and old DIY fixes never properly attended to. 

4. They're Prompt Evictors

It may seem counterintuitive, but you want to do business with a facility which has a solid and enforced eviction policy. Why? Criminals and those who attract criminal activity tend not to be good at paying their rent. So when the facility takes steps to remove this element from their business, law-abiding renters benefit. 

5. Security is Obvious 

Look around to see if you can spot many security features of the facility. This should include cameras, street and interior lighting, gate access panels, evidence of patrols, and locked and alarmed entrances. The more obvious it is to you that security is taken seriously, the more obvious it will be to thieves. 

Where Should You Start?

Tour a nearby storage facility with these tips in hand. As you familiarize yourself with good practices — especially the less obvious ones — the more confidence you'll have in the safety and protection of your things. Make an appointment today to learn more. 


24 January 2023

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