A Clothing & Gear Moving Guide For Fall Time


Every season of the year presents unique challenges when it comes to moving. Here is a guide on what types of clothing and gear you will need to comfortably move throughout the fall.

Beginning of Fall

The start of fall is full of days that often start off being a little brisk and feeling just a little nippy, but that tend to warm up by the later afternoon to temperatures that are reminiscent of summer. From late September to early October, the best clothing to wear while moving is clothing that is lightweight and not too thick. For example, a cotton short-sleeve t-shirt paired with some jeans and comfortable tennis shoes is perfect staying for staying comfortable while moving in the fall, regardless of the time of day of your move.

Middle to End Of Fall

If you are moving from late October through November, you are going to encounter weather that is a lot cooler throughout the day. The temperatures will get warmer in the afternoon, but more like a summer morning than a summer afternoon. There is generally a slight chill to the air that is strongest in the morning but can persist all day. The weather can also be a bit breezier, which can make things feel cooler.

For clothing for a middle to end of fall move, it is best to cover up a bit more. A long-sleeve shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes make a great moving outfit for a mid to late fall move. You should also keep a light jacket or sweatshirt nearby to that you can throw it on if it gets really chilly. You want to stay warm without overheating or restricting your mobility. If you wear too many clothes, your mobility to handle boxes and react quickly will be compromised.

Rainy Fall Days

There tends to be lots of rainy days during the fall, and you should prepare for those as well. If the weather forecast shows that there is a chance of rain, you need to prepare your rain gear. Keep out boats or shoes that you can walk in the rain with, and keep your rain jacket handy.

Fall Moving Gear

If you are moving in the fall, you need to make sure that you have the right fall moving gear on hand to keep all your stuff safe. You are going to need to have plenty of old blankets on hand as well as tarps. If it starts to rain or the weather turns, you want to have gear to throw on top of your belongings to keep everything safe. 

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28 September 2016

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