A Unit That Isn't Climate Controlled — Clothing Storage Pointers


Use the following pointers to preserve the clothing that you will be placing in a storage unit that isn't climate controlled. The guidelines will keep clothing fresh and prevent permanent damage to fabric.

Prepare Clothing

Many storage facilities rent out storage units that aren't climate controlled. These units may incur high temperatures, moisture, and other atmospheric conditions that could cause fabric to mildew.

Launder clothing before placing it in your storage unit. This will ensure that all of the fabric is clean, dry, and wrinkle-free.

Use Waterproof Materials

Cardboard boxes and other storage materials that are not resistant to moisture will not provide your garments with adequate protection while they are in storage.

Use waterproof containers and bags to store all of the clothing that will be placed within your storage unit. Plastic containers with lids and vinyl clothing bags will prevent moisture or sunlight from coming into contact with your clothing. 

Use Labels

Label all of the containers and bags that will be placed in storage. If you are going to be storing clothing for more than one season, the labels should indicate what type of clothing is in each container or bag.

If there will be occasions in which you may need to retrieve some of the clothing from the storage facility, plan on organizing the storage unit as you fill it with the clothing,

All of the containers and bags should be grouped together, based upon what season the clothing is suited for. Then, when you add items to the storage unit, you will be able to fill each part of the storage unit with clothing that is suited for a specific season.

Whenever you will be collecting clothing from the storage facility, your labeling efforts will help you locate the clothing that you have come to pick up.

Prepare A List

Prepare an inventory list that describes the clothing that will be stored. Use this list when making plans to transport your clothing to or from the storage facility.

Transport The Clothing

Pack a handcart, a rolling cart, and a ramp in the vehicle that you will be using to transport the clothing to the storage facility.

The handcart can be used to move the waterproof containers into your storage unit. The rolling cart can be used to move all of the garment bags into the unit. The ramp can be used to support moving the handcart or rolling cart up any inclines that are featured on the storage facility's property.

For more info, contact a local storage facility


4 August 2023

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