3 Unusual Ways To Use A Self-Storage Unit


Most people use a self-storage unit as a place to store extra belongings either temporarily or permanently. But did you know there are other ways in which a self-storage unit can be used? Here are three unusual and inspiring ways to use a self-storage unit.

1. Turn It Into Your Mini Film Set

Are you a blogger? Do you ever make videos to enrich your website content? If so, you know how challenging it is to set up the filming area every time you want to make a little video. Setting up and breaking down your film set each time is time-consuming and tedious work.

With a self-storage unit, you can set up your mini film set right inside the unit. Set it up just the way you like it, and you never have to disassemble the set. Just do your filming. Close up the bay doors and leave everything until the next time you're ready to "roll camera."

2. Use it as Your Crafting Area

If you craft, you know that there are lots of little odds and ends that you need to store. Immersing yourself in the crafting itself requires you to pull out all your supplies and materials, which takes up lots of space in your home. You'd like to leave it all out, but you have to clean up the space each time for other home activities.

Instead of spreading all your craft supplies out at home and having to put them all away, why not turn your self-storage unit into your own private crafting area? Set up one or two folding tables and arrange all your craft supplies so they're easily accessible. Next time you are in the mood to craft, just open the door and get busy!

3. Use it as a Showroom for Reselling

Do you like to make a little profit buying things and reselling them? This is a fun and profitable hobby, but inviting strangers into your home to see your wares might not make you feel very safe.

Instead, keep all your items that you're reselling in a storage facility. You'll be able to meet your buyers in a public place, they won't know where you live, and you'll be able to easily show them all your things for sale in one convenient and safe location.

If you think you'll find a storage unit useful for one of the above activities, contact a storage company in your area and check it out.


26 August 2016

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