Choosing A Storage Facility For Your Aging Parents' Items


As you parents age, they may be wanting to downsize their belongings so they can keep their home organized more simply. If they are not ready to get rid of any of their collectibles, clothing, or other items that they hold dear, suggesting a storage unit facility to house their things for a while can be a great idea. When choosing a storage facility for your aging parents, make sure you pick a unit that they can find affordable, easily accessible, and safe. Here are things to look for in a storage unit facility for your older parent's things.

Flexible contract

Choose a storage facility that allows you to sign up for a month-to-month contract or renewable quarterly contract so your parents don't feel locked into a recurring rate. A flexible contract can help your parents feel more in control of both their funds and how long their belongings are in storage. A storage facility should also be able to offer a senior discount or other cheaper rate to help your parents easily pay for their unit every month. Some storage facilities offer a discount if an entire rental contract is paid in full upfront, which is something else you can consider.

24-hour security

You want to make sure your parents have access to a safe and well-lit unit should they choose to visit the storage facilities in the evening or during irregular hours. A storage facility should have a manager on-site until late evening hours and have security cameras and motion sensor lighting to illuminate the grounds when someone is present. All units should be facing the street or be enclosed indoors in a well-lit common area to give your parents greater security when they choose to place or remove items in their unit.


Choose a storage facility that has parking directly in front of storage units so your parents don't have to walk far to get to their belongings. If they prefer an indoor unit, make sure that all sidewalks are clear of debris and that the storage facility does regular maintenance to keep weeds, ice, and other fall or trip hazards out of the way. Before choosing any storage facility, ask management if they will allow you to place rubber mats in front of storage units so your elderly parents can have access to safe walking areas.

Your parents should be involved in the choosing of a storage facility for their things so they can feel in control over where their items are kept secure. Keep safety, security, and affordable units in mind as part of the decision process. For more ideas, visit websites like


23 August 2016

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