Tips For Storing Upholstered Furniture


Upholstered furniture can pose a concern when you have to place the items in a storage unit. This is because you want to protect all parts of the furniture, whether they are fabric or wood. Upholstered furniture is also often some of the more valuable furniture that someone owns. Fortunately, you have these handy storage tips to help you store your furniture correctly.

Tip #1: Give it a thorough cleaning

Start by removing any cushions and vacuuming thoroughly beneath them. Get deep inside any crevices with a vacuum wand – you don't want to leave behind any crumbs to attract pests. Next, vacuum the cushions, backs, and arms of the furniture. It's a good ideas to also scrub down everything with an upholstery cleaning solution formulated for the type of material. Finish by cleaning and polishing any wood or non-upholstered areas of the furniture.

Tip #2: Air dry completely

You don't want any moisture to remain in the furniture after cleaning it, so give it a couple of days to dry out completely. This will prevent mold and mildew in storage. If you can safely set it in a sunny location for a few hours, you can ensure that most of the moisture evaporates out. Just don't leave it for too long, or the upholstery could fade.

Tip #3: Pick a climate controlled unit

Extreme heat can damage certain materials, such as wood and leather, so a climate controlled unit can help avoid this concern. Another concern in storage is moisture – especially in wet or humid climates. A climate controlled unit stays at a moderate temperature and the humidity levels are more controlled. As an additional bonus, this type of unit is usually indoors, which can be more secure against both theft and weather damage.

Tip #4: Store correctly

When placing the furniture in the storage unit, set it down properly on all legs – for example, don't stand a sofa on end to save space because this can result in major damage. Also, it's a good idea to protect the legs against moisture on the ground. Setting the furniture on top of pallets, or at least a tarp, and away from the door can help protect from moisture seepage in exterior units. Finish by covering the furniture with a sheet or painter's drop cloth. Use only cloth drop cloths, though. You don't want plastic because it can trap moisture.

For more help, contact a self storage facility in your area.


7 August 2016

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