Plan On Renting An Outdoor Storage Unit In A Tropical Climate? 3 Tips To Avoid Water Damage


Storage units are useful for a lot of things because they provide you with room to store goods when you do not have anywhere else to put them without cluttering the space you do have. And, while a climate controlled storage unit might sound like an ideal solution to your storage needs, it can get expensive. You can get a 10x15 foot unit for as little as $75 a month, but a climate controlled one can reach up to $150. Although this feature is highly desirable in a tropical climate, you can do just fine without it.

Make Your Own Desiccant Packs

Whether you have heard the name before or not, you have likely seen desiccant packs already. These little bags or packets full of silica gel are used when a company wants to avoid moisture damage. It is not uncommon to find these in boxes for electronics in an attempt to protect the components. But you can make your own and put them in everything you intend on putting into a storage unit. Since all it takes is silica gel and cloth bags, you can create dozens and just distribute them into every single bin you use.

Use Waterproof Containers

Flooding is a harsh reality in tropical climates. While cities and businesses do everything they can to prevent them from causing damage to property and possessions, it is not always possible. So, you should only use waterproof storage containers that you know will protect your belongings in a potential flood. Although you can get cardboard boxes for free from people who have recently moved or at grocery stores, you do not want to take the risk of exposing your items to moisture that could cause lasting damage.

Protect Your Furniture

The trickiest part about using a storage unit is figuring out how to protect your furniture. Sure, you can wrap each piece in a plastic wrap that is essentially waterproof, but this is not an ideal method. The best thing that you can do is elevate the furniture off the ground to avoid flood damage. Using a wooden or plastic pallet can provide some decent clearance between your furniture and the concrete flooring. It may even be worth stacking your furniture on two layers of pallets for high-risk flood areas.

Water damage can destroy most of your possessions when exposed for a long period of time. So, following these methods to protect your items in storage will give you peace of mind. Talk to a company like Security Self Storage for more information.


7 August 2016

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