Ask About Using Your Storage Unit For Your Woodworking Hobby


If you're interested in the hobby of woodworking but live in an apartment, condo or house with limited space for a workshop, don't give up on your dream just yet. Whether you have some tools and equipment or you haven't yet begun to amass these supplies, it's often possible to set up a workshop space at a unit in your local storage facility. Of course, you'll need to first get the permission of the storage facility's management as well as make sure that your woodworking activities won't break any storage rules. With this behind you, it's time to begin setting up your unit for your hobby. Here are some tips to make this venture a success.

Mount Caster Wheels To All The Equipment

You'll want to put a variety of pieces of woodworking equipment into the storage unit to use during various projects, including things such as a band saw, table saw, drill press, miter saw and more. Given that your available working space will be limited unless you rent an extremely large unit, it's beneficial to mount caster wheels to the feet of each of these pieces of equipment. Doing so will allow you to move them around to increase your floor space during projects as well as even move them outside the unit when needed. For example, when you're cutting a long 2x4 on a table saw, you'll need lots of clearance of each side of the saw, and having everyone on wheels will allow you to set up the space accordingly.

Install Wall-Mounted Storage

To maximize your available storage space, it's a good idea to mount things on the walls of the unit. With some heavy lumber mounted to the frames of the walls, you can create racks to store your wood. You'll, of course, need to get permission to mount things to the walls, but many storage facilities allow customers to do so, provided that they patch the holes before moving out. Hand tools can also be mounted on the wall on brackets to avoid wasting floor space with shelving units.

Have A Strategy For Sawdust Collection

If you expect that you'll be making a lot of sawdust, it's crucial to have a strategy for collecting it, beyond just a broom and dustpan. A woodworking sawdust collection system is ideal; it connects to the equipment that makes the sawdust to collect it before it's released. This is a better strategy than just sweeping it out of the unit, as it could blow into other renters' open units and cause them to complain about your activities.

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5 August 2016

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