A Guide To Hiring Your First Moving Company: Understanding The Lingo


You're moving home for the summer and decided to hire a moving company. It helps to limit the stress, but there are terms that will be thrown your way. You'll need to understand them to know which company to choose and what will be expected of you. Here's the main moving company lingo you'll need to understand. Additional/Accessorial Services These terms are interchangeable and mean any extras you need apart from moving.

3 August 2016

Have A Large Video Game Collection? 3 Ways That Hiring Movers Can Help


If you're somebody that has a large video game collection, including a plethora of physical games and consoles, it's a good idea to rely on professional moving services so that you can be confident that everything is moved safely to your new home. While you can certainly move these things on your own, it can lead to items potentially breaking and things getting misplaced in the process. This can be especially frustrating to deal with, especially if your collection is quite valuable or sentimental to you.

12 July 2016