Summer Coming to an End? 3 Easy Tips for Putting Your New Decorations into Storage


The end of summer spells a coming to the end of warm weather and bright colors. If you decided this year was an ideal time to pick up some seasonal decorations, you may have a lot of things to put away. This is when you should rent a storage unit to avoid keeping things in your home that will go unused for nine months. Throwing everything into a few boxes or plastic bins could end up causing damage to your decorations. So, you should put several easy tips into action to keep everything in excellent condition.

Fresh Artwork

During the summer, you can open up your windows and enjoy the warm air that flows into your home. The natural light and the general feel of summer makes colorful artwork a prime choice. This means you may have vibrant artwork from all around your home to switch out and store until next summer comes. The process for storing artwork in the safest manner involves brown paper, bubble wrap, and frame corners. In this order, you should wrap the art in paper and then bubble wrap and then give the corners protection. Following this method for each framed work of art will ensure they all stay damage free.


Although your bedding is an essential thing throughout the year, you may have a duvet cover, pillowcases, decorative pillows, and even sheets that are just for use during summertime. To optimize space in the storage unit, you should get vacuum-packed bags that you can fit most things into. It is even possible to squeeze decorative pillows into the large ones to save a ton of space. Optimizing storage with solutions like this will help you rent the smallest unit available to minimize your monthly costs.

Silk Flowers

Flowers on display in the kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms are lovely all summer long. But, real flowers may be a little demanding to take care of and replace once they start perishing. The easiest alternative is to buy silk flowers that you can use all throughout your home, which is also ideal in a home with cats or dogs, as animals will not be tempted to munch on the leaves, stems, or flowers. If you can get your hands on thin, long plastic bins, you can store flowers safely and without taking up much room. An even better option is a modular storage setup that allows you to adjust sizes as needed. This should be able to house all of the flowers in your home and still have room for more decorations.

Coming up with summer decoration storage solutions using these tips will keep all of your items safe. Visit sites like for more storage ideas. 


9 August 2016

Storing Your Collector Car

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